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Established in 1964, W&H Systems, Inc. is a Systems Integrator, providing automated material handling systems for beverage industry for over 15 years - setting industry trends and standards.We provide space and personnel productivity improvements through innovative, ergonomic, ROI concentric designs in our application of automation. In recent years there have been many changes in the alcohol beverage distribution industry. This trend will only continue. First the wine & spirits industry went through many acquisitions and consolidations and now it is proving to be the situation for the beer wholesalers as well.W&H Systems has been at the forefront in providing material handling solutions and automated picking systems for alcohol beverage wholesalers, implementing 30 turnkey systems plus dozens of system upgrades. Take a look at our website to view some of these systems in action! W&H has developed an innovative automated picking system for the beer and soft drink industries.Some of the system highlights are:95% hands free pickingProduction rates of 350-450 cases/hour per personTruck loading and palletizing software Interfaces with automation Very flexible; lots of features Load by stop or by route; Side-Load or Tail Load Floor Load, Pallet Load, Cart Load, Kegs1,000 SKUs No problem!Modular and scalable concept good ROI of 3 to 6 yearsProven equipment, reliable and easy to maintain.When it comes to automated beverage handling systems, nobody has the reputation or more experience than W&H Systems.