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Welcome to MovinCool, your home for quality portable air conditioners. Ever since the development of our Classic 10 spot cooler back in 1982, MovinCool has been redefining the industry. We've gone on to introduce the Classic, Classic Plus, and Office Pro lines of product for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of applications. Units are portable and ready to roll in any area for spot cooling of equipment, processes, and people who need it most. MovinCool solutions for office and industrial cooling are flexible and cost-effective ways to save you money. We know that keeping things cool and dry is critical to your bottom line. From server rooms to schools and hospitals to the outdoorsno matter what the application may be, you can't go wrong with the purchase or rental of a portable air conditioner unit from MovinCool.

On the website, you'll find operations manuals, sales sheets, specifications, and accessories for each product. Our website also includes an easy-to-use dealer locator that will put you in contact with your local MovinCool dealer. Preferred distributors have a large inventory of stock on hand and offer immediate delivery and same-day service. Be sure to ask us or your local dealer about all of our portable AC and dehumidifier options. We are all about helping you cool your hot spots and dry your wet spots. We're confident that we can meet your needs, whether you require computer cooling or outdoor cooling or anything in-between.