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Egemin Automation's Packmobile® AGVs Flexible and Affordable Automated Transport for Blood Specimens, Prescription Optics, Packages, Boxes, and Parts

Why choose Packmobile?
Proven guidepath technology can be installed and changed overnight.Wide variety of payloads can be accommodated on wire-rack shelves. Standard batteries and charging system require no special accommodation. As an alternative to conveyor systems, Packmobile® can be installed faster, changed easier, and operated at lower cost. Useful in mail processing centers, medical labs, check processing centers, clean rooms, remittance processing areas, electronics assembly areas, and other locations where light duty transport is needed. Optional carrier racks can accommodate virtually any payload. Trailers can be added to extend capacity.

568 lbs.Optical guidepath navigation.
Aluminum construction with durable powder-coat finish.Carries 1,000 lbs. capacity on level surfaces, tows 1,800 lbs., total combined payload 2,800 lbs.
UL tested.Equipped with standard non-contact and contact obstacle detection.
Speed: 100 feet per minute.
Run time: 10 hours at full charge over level surface.
Charging: Plugs into any 115 volt, 60 HZ, 15 amp outlet.

Guidance and Navigation:
The invisible fluorescent guidepath is applied over existing surfaces.
The guidepath is stimulated by ultraviolet light and tracked by photoelectric sensors.
The Packmobile® will not operate when it is off the guidepath, except under manual operation, ensuring safety for both people and equipment.
LED bar graph shows quality of guidepath.

24/7 Maintenance/Support:
Egemin provides full installation and post-installation support for all Packmobile® systems through our third-party service provider Bowe Bell & Howell.
Trained managers and technicians provide design engineering, create layouts, assess specialty needs, conduct installation, train your employees and key operators, and maintain your Packmobile® system with responsive full-coverage local service.