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Ross Clark Material Handling & Ergonomic Solutions

RCMH Material Handling was founded in 1983 and brought a high level of service to the industry. Today, RCMH's Solutions Team is known for quick response, exceptional quality and follow-up to all our customers. We "Right Size" your company by creating solutions that improve productivity, increase capacity and save space. We will provide you with more choices, used or new, consulting, permit processing services, facility analysis, thereby, bringing you the most cost effective solutions for your needs and requirements. We are your diversified SOLUTIONS TEAM preparing you for the 21st century.

Our Mission
The objective of RCMH Material Handling and Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. is to be a customer driven, innovative company providing the best products, solutions, and customer service attainable in the industry today with a commitment to on-going improvement.

80 years experience in:

* Space Utilization, Product, design and installation
* Ergonomics solutions for increased productivity and worker safety
* Training and education