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Murata Machinery USA, Inc.
?Reliability By Design?

Murata Machinery is a world leader in automated material-handling systems, machine-tool technology and textile machinery. The Muratec brand is synonymous with innovation, industrial automation and reliability across an extensive product line.

Muratas Machine Tool Turning Division specializes in automated CNC turning machines, including horizontal twin-spindle, single-spindle, twin opposing-spindle, and vertical-spindle lathes among other special configurations. All Muratec turning lathes feature an automated parts loading-and-unloading gantry robot material-handling system. Muratec lathes are utilized in aerospace and automotive manufacturing as well as other industries that require precision, high-speed turning, innovative technology, high productivity and compact designs.

The Machine Tool Fabrication Division specializes in factory automation with turret-punch presses configured with mechanical, hydraulic and servomotor punch drives. The Wiedemann line and the Wiedematic, the first center-post turret-punch press that revolutionized the metal-fabrication industry, influence Muratas push-pull tooling design. The Machine Tool Fabrication Division also offers air-plasma and laser-contouring options on its hybrids. All Muratec machines can be automated from simple load/unload cells to Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) that stock, load and process sheet metal in a lights-out, unmanned environment. Murata is a leader in productivity, design and durability in the sheet-metal fabrication industry.

Muratecs North American Turning and Fabrication divisions are supported with an
on-site sales and design/build team at their 76,000-square-foot facility in Charlotte, NC. Murata Machinery is distributed and supported throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico by its dealer network. Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan.