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Since 1981IVES Training Group has been North Americas leader in forklift and area lift training. Offering both train-the-trainer and operator programs.

Built around the simple philosophy that "any job worth doing, is worth doing right." The IVES TRAINING SYSTEM helps you perform all the required steps in order to make your training 'right'.

We start with training your trainers - not only in how to train but also in proper documentation. We supply you with comprehensive training and re-training materials as well as industry-specific training aids; we provide on-going technical and administrative support and remind you when your operators need to be retrained.

Let's take a closer look at the individual components within The IVES Training System™ that give IVES-trained industrial mobile equipment trainers the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to deliver effective operator training.

The Knowledge

Training is the key component necessary to develop knowledge. Training will furnish the trainer with the three most important aspects of equipment operation that they must convey to operators - WHAT to do - HOW to do it and WHY it must be done. The IVES Training System™ delves deeply into the theory and workings of each piece of equipment and teaches trainers the instructional techniques involved in how to best communicate these concepts in a classroom and/or field environment.

The Skills

The IVES Training System™ places a great deal of importance on practical hands-on training. In fact, we believe it is the primary factor that defines us as the premiere training provider in the industry. Our system provides the opportunity for trainers to practice, develop and demonstrate techniques and concepts learned in the classroom.

IVES training programs provide hands-on experience and evaluation on topics such as CLASSROOM ACTIVITY including instructional style, assignment completion and overall knowledge and participation, HANDS-ON TRAINING including hands-on instructional style, subject knowledge and operating procedures and EVALUATION SKILLS including knowledge of procedures, quality of instruction, documentation and safety behavior.

The Tools

Every trainer needs reliable, accurate and detailed reference material to help them convey the many concepts and procedures involved in safe industrial mobile equipment operation. The IVES Training System™ provides just such tools in the form of:

Operator Compliance Packages

These equipment-specific products are the main hub in the system in which everything else revolves. These packages contain essential materials for both the trainer and the operator.
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Re-certification Materials

Regulations require that forklift operators be re-certified/refreshed on a regular basis. IVES re-certification materials have been developed to assist both the trainer and the operator in making the re-certification process as smooth as possible. We have comprehensive study guides for the operator and all-inclusive re-certification notepads for the trainers.

Trainer's Manuals

The centerpiece of the trainer's resources containing detailed information on all aspects of industrial mobile equipment operator training.

Trainer's Guide

For those trainers who are out of practice or never formally trained, the Trainer's Guide will bring them up to speed with all regulatory requirements and of course plenty of expert advice in general.

Additional Training

We provide Trainer Upgrade programs to add additional equipment types to an trainer's current certification credentials. We also offer a unique Trainer Re-certification program - a refresher program and general open forum for trainers who want updated information and a platform to address solutions to their unique challenges.

Training Aids

Training aids provide a visual reference that will give operator trainees a mental image to hold on to but do not necessarily need to be extravagant or complicated - training aids that currently form part of the IVES Training System™ are:

* Stability Pyramid - reinforce the concept of stability
* Overhead Transparencies - visually enhance upon the Operator's Workbook
* Videos - reinforce concepts learned during training
* Models - provide a visual representation of the equipment
* Posters- surround your trainees with safety messages


Everybody needs support including trained trainers. Whether it is the answer to a technical or administrative issue, confusion over documentation or a motivational pep talk, the IVES Training System™ provides trainers with a comprehensive support network to tend to their every training need. Our network includes:

* Toll-free Assistance - for quick answers to your questions, just dial 1-800-643-1144, 8:00 AM -4:30 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday.
* Ask Bob - an on-line technical support line, Bob is our resident expert on all things technical. Anyone with Internet access can send a question to and Bob will respond within 2 business days.
* TrainTrak™T - this FREE service is offered to all IVES-trained trainers. Send us your list of your IVES-certified operators and we'll send you a 'Re-certification Reminder' notice three (3) months prior to the expiration date of your operator's original certification.
* IVES Update - a FREE quarterly newsletter we send to all IVES trainers to keep them up-to-date in the world of industrial mobile equipment training.
* IVES Web site - our web site is full of information - not only will you find all our program and product information but you'll also find previous issues of the IVES Update, previous FAQ's, links to regulatory authorities, general items of interest and what trade shows or events you can find us at.


IVES Training Group is today's leader in mobile equipment training solutions. The IVES Training System™ has been developed over the past 25 years to provide you and your company with the comfort of knowing you have selected the highest quality training and training materials available along with a proven support system that has worked for thousands of employers, trainers and operators.