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Negotiating Best in Class Carrier Contracts
Over 20 years negotiating and auditing transportation contracts. All our senior directors have been sales or pricing executives with carriers like UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL and Freight Forwarders.

We know carrier contracts inside and out. We uncover details missed by even the most sophisticated shippers and freight payment/ auditing firms. We view pricing the way the carrier does, based on pricing the way the carrier does, based on package characteristics and profitability.

Rate and Service Audits
We review your invoices to end user your carrier is charging you correctly.
• Correct Carrier discounts/Contract compliance
• Properly applied charges for accessorials
• Double billed shipments
• Billed/Manifested not shipped
• Guaranteed Service refunds

Customer Reporting and GL Coding
We provide a suite of management tools and reports supported by the AFMS dashboard
• Extensive modeling and reporting of freight characteristics and contract analysis
• Cost center allocation and reporting, automated general ledger entry
• Fraud detection reporting

Our No-Risk Value Proposition
We offer a no-risk, no-charge, evaluation of your transportation agreements to determine if there are additional savings opportunities. We do this with no disruptions to your day to day operations and very little time commitment. AFMS is usually compensated on a percentage of the additional, verifiable new savings.