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Bender Group is a full service Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider, offering omni-channel shipping, nationwide delivery to 97% of the US within 1-2 business days, complete transportation programs, and international customs clearance and freight forwarding. Throughout our 70 years in business, Bender Group has combined a small business approach with innovative and technology-based logistics solutions to help companies of all sizes simplify their supply chains, from the manufacturing source to the end user.

Why Bender Group?
Managing a supply chain network from source to shelf can be a complex endeavor. The thought of outsourcing may seem even more daunting. When it comes to outsourcing some or all of your supply chain, it is a common fear that you will somehow relinquish control. Whether you are outsourcing for the first time, penetrating a new market, needing scalability to grow, looking to improve service, aiming to shed costs, or focusing on core competencies; Bender Group wants you to know that outsourcing your supply chain functions will be S.A.F.E. with us.

In business for over 65 years, Bender Group provides innovative logistics solutions, including value-added warehouse distribution centers, a complete transportation network, and international logistics services.

Our company culture fosters pro-activity, accountability, and execution. As a result, our logistics professionals have a deep sense of responsibility and are empowered to meet or exceed your requirements and objectives.

In today s accelerated business environment, you have to sprint just to keep pace! Bender Group is a mid-sized 3PL company with the agility to quickly implement innovative ideas and technology, effectively addressing the changing dynamics of your supply chain.

The old management adage, ?You can t manage what you don't measure?, still applies today. Bender Group understands the importance of collaborating with you to establish clear metrics that drive targeted results and continuous improvement aligned with your supply chain goals.