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FSI is a 3PL and warehousing provider for order fulfillment (pick/pack/ship), kit assembly, inventory management, online catalog/e-commerce, custom online reporting, sweepstakes management, rebates, returns/recalls, handwork, etc. We provide these services for major corporations, advertising agencies, printers and promotions companies, among others. We also support smaller, entrepreneurial companies to distribute their product to market, whether direct to consumers (B2C) and/or to retail stores and distributors (B2B). Our work can be divided into two distinct categories:

1) Order Fulfillment (Pick/Pack/Ship) - Clients create a campaign or product and FSI provides the logistical expertise to deliver it to market. We store and manage the inventory and ship products including marketing material, POP displays, literature, apparel, electronics and more. These programs are ongoing, so we develop long-term relationships by learning our client s business and becoming a valued partner to help them achieve their objectives.

2) Kit Assembly - On a project basis, FSI builds custom kits and distributes them to the client s audience. This could include anything from POP kits for retail stores/restaurants, press kits for television shows, gift bags for a NASCAR event, literature requests, etc.

FSI makes your job easier. By removing you from the complex details of providing fast, accurate product fulfillment to your Clients, our fulfillment management team allows you to focus on your other top priorities. With FSI, there's no need for you to spend the bulk of your time setting up promotions, tracking packages, or maintaining systems. Our people and technology allow you to focus on the core competencies of your business, while still maintaining your control over the fulfillment and distribution process.

FSI makes your choice easier. The fulfillment management team at FSI delivers options and services that clearly set us apart from standard fulfillment providers. Fully customized fulfillment and distribution programs are the norm at FSI. If you've grown tired of providers whose motto seems to be, "we don't do that," FSI is ready to show you how a next-generation fulfillment company can take you to the next level.

FSI makes your customer relations easier. At FSI, we give you the online tools needed to keep sophisticated end users satisfied and coming back for more. FSI provides a consistently better experience to make you look better in front of your Clients.

Whether you need help with kit packing, pick/pack/ship, order processing, sweepstakes, promotions, rebates or one of the other services we offer, you can be certain that the best fulfillment company for the job is FSI. Our proven track record of working within deadline, on budget and with 99.9% accuracy is what keeps us at the top of the fulfillment management industry.

When you partner with FSI, you are partnering with a company centered on providing fulfillment and distribution programs that exceed industry norms and client expectations. Our fulfillment management team is experienced in providing unique and customized solutions that address our client s specific fulfillment and distribution needs. From our customized on-line programs, to our near 100% order picking accuracy, the team at FSI is focused on demonstrating excellence at every step of the process. FSI is a fulfillment company you can depend on to get the job done right each and every time.

At FSI, our team loves a good challenge. Bring us your most complicated kit assembly or your most pressing order processing concerns. Challenge us. Let our top notch fulfillment management team develop the programs that will ensure your success. Short deadlines...large jobs...multi-version packaging...we've done it before and we can do it right for you!

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