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Sentry Protection Products manufactures products designed to attach to parking structures and reduce the damage from vehicle impacts. Sentrys products absorb impact, reducing or eliminating damage to both the structure and to the vehicle. Sentrys products include: Park Sentry®, designed to wrap around square or rectangular concrete columns; Corner Sentry™, made to protect corners; Concrete Wrap™ surrounds round concrete columns. Sentry's newest product is a versatile portable bollard available for a wide variety of uses, indoors and out. Guard Post™ is 48" tall, tapers from 5"x5" (125x125mm), with a 14" (355mm) diameter round base. Each side of the post has a 2.5"x20" (63x500mm) inset available to place reflective tape or other signage. All products are brightly colored and easy to install.