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TopVOX is the manufacturer of topSPEECH-Lydia®, an innovative voice recognition system that integrates seamlessly with standard technology and makes use of a unique speaker independent recognition solution. The TopVOX system is hardware independent and can be used with most industry-standard voice enabled devices. topSPEECH-Lydia® is a robust speech system that supports all processes in the distribution area, is continuously on-line and the only solution on the market that requires no operator training. Depending on requirements, wireless scanners can be connected using blue-tooth technology. Proven interfacing with SAP and numerous ERP systems have made TopVOX The Choice for Voice in a wide range of industries across five continents . For more information visit us at

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With the VOXter®, top-VOX offers a robust mobile computer device optimized for use with speech-based picking systems (Voice Picking). Special emphasis was placed on ergonomic and simple operation, allowing an easy integration with the natural workflow. Another advantage is the selection of common hard- and software components for the VOXter, making it a cost-effective and reliable partner for warehouse work. read more