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Dedicated and Shared Warehousing
We operate both asset and non-asset based sites for our customers. As an owner and operator, we’re uniquely qualified to adapt our capacity to accommodate your seasonal and promotional demands.

Choose from eight (8) ambient facilities totaling in excess of 1.6 million square feet in Auburndale, Winter Haven, Groveland and Jacksonville, FL. Commercial provides a range of services including, but not limited to, the following;

•Cross –docking
•DSD program support (temp-control and ambient)
•Parcel delivery (temp-control and ambient)
•Order selection (cases)
•Pick-pack (pieces)
•RF and bar-coding
•Food-grade sanitation (ASI “Excellent Rating”)
•Bonded facilities
•Computerized inventory control, stock location
•Online inventory tracking
•Dedicated customer service representative
•Transloading services
•Attachments (slip sheet, clamp, roll clamp, double fork)
•QA sampling
•Racked and non-racked environments
•Import/export services

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing
We offer over 13 million cubic feet of convertible frozen and/or refrigerated space to accommodate perishable food and beverages. Six temp-controlled facilities are located in Auburndale, Winter Haven and Bartow, FL. The available temperature controlled environments include the following:

•Ice cream at -20 degrees
•Traditional frozen products at -5 degrees
•Chilled fresh meat at 28 degrees
•Traditional refrigerated products at 35 degrees
•Humidity controlled products such as confectionary, produce, etc.

Leased Warehousing
If you prefer to lease and operate a site internally, then we can provide the right facility to accommodate your unique requirements. From warehousing sites to small manufacturing sites, we can work within most applications. Our warehousing flexibility is unmatched in Central Florida.

Commercial Warehousing, Inc., provides multi-mode transportation services via its extensive network of affiliated asset-based providers.
Any mode of transportation can be facilitated – dry van, reefer, ocean container, or flatbed. Working with our transportation partners, we handle less-than-full truckload shipments, local shuttle movement between plants and warehouses, and any other types of shipments you may require.

Third-party logistics services:
•Shuttle services
•Regional freight consolidation
•Freight brokerage
•Dedicated fleets
•Crossdock operations
•Air express, parcel shipments
•Freight cost reduction
•Transload operations
•Pick and pack distribution