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ASG Services are leading manufacturers of warehouse identification and marking solutions, used to improve inventory management efficiency and safety in the logistics and distribution industry.
We utilize the latest production technology and the most appropriate materials to ensure durability, performance and cost-effective solutions for all customers. In addition, our services have helped set us aside from the competition, setting the benchmark for project and installation management in our sector.
Warehouse Barcode Labels:
Rack Labels - used to identify pallet locations in racking systems.
Shelf Labeling - used for SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and slot locations.
Floor Labels - used for floor storage location identification.
Metal Tags - used as the most durable barcode label available.
Magnetic Rack Labels - used for temporary location referencing.
Blank Magnetic Labels - to create hand written labels or to apply your own to.
Cold Store Rack Labels - used in cold and freezer stores.
Storage Bin Labels - tough labels for conveyor bin storage.
Variable Image Labels - used for parts and retail storage.
Weight Capacity Labels - used to show the safe working.
LPN Labels - used to identify pallets, also known as License Plate Numbers.
Retro Reflective Labels - Used for high beam scanning from the ground.
Beam Label Cover-Up - Used to renovate your pallet rack beams.
Warehouse Signs:
Aisle Marker Signs - used to identify pallet racking aisles.
Warehouse Barcode Signs - used to identify bulk storage floor locations.
Dock Door Signs - used to identify loading bay doors.
Rack Load Signs - used to provide safe loading information for racks.
Facility Safety Signs - used to provide a safer distribution center.
Branded Signs - to improve the professional work environment.
Warehouse Striping:
Direct Line Striping - where paint is applied directly to concrete.
Shot Blast Striping - concrete blast preparation prior to paint application.
Embedded Floor Striping - paint set within a channel in the concrete floor.
Floor Tape - all adhesive tape options.
Floor Coatings - floor protection, separation and walkways.
External Line Striping - managed as part of our internal services.
Identification & Marking Services:
Rack Label Installations - benchmark performance, accuracy and standards.
Floor Striping Installations - cutting end techniques and durability.
Warehouse Sign Installations - world class leading methods and service.
Location File Management - provided with all orders as standard.
Line Striping Drawings - helping you visualize and create virtual layouts.
Warehouse Label Designs - optimized design for performance and material use.
Warehouse Sign Designs - creative and operational configurations.
Feel free to contact us and start talking about your needs. We understand your plans may take months to develop, so please don't wait, we can help you along the way.